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There are only 2 things standing between you and a more successful business.


Leadership & Culture

I’m Becky Schoonover, owner and founder of Becky Schoonover Consulting.


After 18 years as a Director and Executive Director managing teams from 25-250, I became obsessed with finding a better way to lead and to create a high performance culture.


I took what I learned through practical experience, observed in good and bad workplaces, and became a devoted student of the best minds in Leadership and cultural development.

What resulted was a highly effective method of coaching, mentorship, and assessment that I now use with individuals and organizations to achieve teams who are engaged, innovative, passionate and getting exceptional results.


My mission is to empower, educate and support pioneering organizational leaders in creating the new frontier in business culture.  I believe that work can be a way to express ourselves and experience true fulfillment while living out our purpose…no matter what role you hold.

The future of business is now and those organizations who are not agile enough to shift direction and create cultures that people want to work in, will die trying.  It’s a bold statement, and one we are already seeing play out on the corporate stage.


90% of employers believe that an engagement and culture strategy would have a positive impact on business.  

But less than 25% have a strategy and even fewer implement it.


89% of employers believe their retention issues are caused by people leaving for more money.  When in fact only 12% of employees left for more money. 75% left their boss &/or culture.

A study of 64 organizations revealed that those with an extremely effective culture and highly engaged workforce, achieved 2x the annual net income than other organizations.


The global financial cost of disengaged employees?  Currently $350 Billion world wide.


Are you focused on the wrong things?


Can you afford to keep trying to solve the wrong problems?

Start where the solution truly is.  We can help.